Set and Setting

Declaring Your Intention

An essential aspect of psychedelic-assisted therapy is optimizing set and setting and establishing your intentions.  Set refers to your mindset and the issues that are weighing you down. Setting refers to the environment in which the journey occurs including the physical environment, your psychedelic guides and the music played during the medicine sessions.  Discussed during prep sessions with your guide, this process of setting your intention lays the groundwork for a fruitful and hopefully transformative  series of ketamine journeys. The natural beauty of ReWild Medicine Malibu further provides an optimized setting for a healing experience.

ReWild Medicine | Malibu

ReWild Medicine has partnered with one of the most awe-inspiring nature-based retreats in the country. Our ReWild Medicine Malibu cohorts have exclusive and private access to a 99-acre nature retreat in the Santa Monica Mountains. Food, lodging, and accommodations are included in the ReWild Medicine treatment program package.

  • A total of 6 ketamine medicine sessions conducted over 2 long weekend stays (Thursday-Sunday; 3 nights/4 days) separated by a break weekend.
  • Nightly outdoor group ceremonial ketamine sessions under the stars (weather permitting).
  • Ketamine sessions medically monitored for safety.
  • All treatment delivered by an expert highly-experienced therapist and physician team.
  • Daily preparation and integration counseling and meditative nature activities to commune with nature.