Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer treatment with psychedelics other than ketamine?

Currently we only offer treatment with ketamine. We anticipate being able to offer psilocybin therapy as part of a future research program and MDMA assisted therapy once it has been FDA approved in the future.

Is ketamine FDA approved for mental health treatments?

Ketamine is not FDA approved for mental health indications. The ReWildMed program involves off-label use of intramuscular ketamine injections coupled with psychotherapy known as ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

Is the Rewild Medicine program covered by insurance?

No, the ReWild Program is not covered by insurance.

Are your clinicians shamans?

No, our clinicians are not shamans. But we owe a huge debt to the indigenous healers and shamans whose wisdom and intelligence has guided our attempts to develop a modern psychedelic treatment program. To recognize this debt ReWild Medicine has established a fund for supporting indigenous communities and for those with limited resources.

Are your clinicians licensed?

Our clinicians are physicians or therapists licensed in the state of California.

Are your clinicians certified in psychedelic therapy?

There is currently no official certification for psychedelic-assisted therapy, but our clinicians have completed training in psychedelic therapy at California Institute for Integral Studies, all receiving the Certificate in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapies and Research. All of our clinicians are also active in clinical research developing new psychedelic therapies and medicines.

Is Rewild Medicine a residential or inpatient program?

No, the ReWildMed program provides the equivalent of outpatient ketamine-assisted psychotherapy accompanied by lodging in a nature-based setting. Patients requiring residential or inpatient treatment are not appropriate for the ReWildMed program.

Can you bring your own psychedelics or mushrooms to take during the Rewild program?

No, you cannot bring any drugs or alcohol to the ReWildMed program and must only take medications approved by the ReWildMed physicians.

“What if I have a ‘bad trip’?”

Psychedelic experiences may at times be challenging involving anxiety or difficult emotions. But under the proper therapeutic conditions even these challenging experiences can be important therapeutically. Whether the psychedelic experience is positive or difficult, you will be supported by our team of clinicians.

Can you be given other psychedelics like psilocybin or MDMA?

Currently, ketamine is the only medicine approved for off-label use for psychedelic-assisted therapy, while psilocybin and MDMA are currently only being studied in the U.S. in clinical trials. In the future, ReWild Medicine hopes to be able to offer psilocybin and/or MDMA if and when they become FDA-approved for mental health conditions. 

Why are there so many ketamine sessions offered at ReWild Malibu?

The clinical experience to date with ketamine-assisted therapy, indicates that the best outcomes for conditions like depression and addiction occur with multiple sessions (typically at least 4-6 sessions) with intervening integration/counseling sessions.