ReWild Medicine:
A Journey of Transformation

The Philosophy of Rewilding

Our name, ReWild, refers to the return to, or the landing in, a wilder and more natural state. At ReWild Medicine, we aim to bring this philosophy of rewilding to the mind for the benefit of your mental health. We help you reconnect with nature, rebalance internally and heal with the ultimate goal of sustained positive behavioral change and a brighter healthier outlook.


Addressing A Disconnected Existence

We are amidst a massive mental health crisis that has been worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our medical system’s current standards of care including psychological counseling and pharmacological interventions for depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, PTSD, and related conditions are often ineffective or have major side effects. Further exacerbating the mental state of many is an over-connection and reliance on social media and the internet and a disconnection from nature and the earth. It has become easy to forget that we are all materially and literally part of our planet itself.

“I felt myself one with the grass, the trees, birds, insects, everything in Nature. I exulted in the mere fact of existence, of being a part of it all -- the drizzling rain, the shadows of the clouds, the tree-trunks, and so on.” ― William James

ReWild Your Mind, ReWild Your Life

We created ReWild Medicine to help individuals address their mental health issues and planetary disconnectedness by fusing the healing potential of psychedelic-assisted therapy with an immersive pristine nature experience. This synergistic approach offered at ReWild Medicine, while conceptually ancient, going back millennia, is presently unique in California and unavailable in conventional healthcare settings.

Treatment Journey


Comprehensive medical and psychological evaluation to determine program eligibility (online with at least one in-person visit)


Group online preparation counseling sessions to set a treatment plan and intention.


Ketamine-assisted therapy sessions along with in-person preparation and integration therapy in safe, clinically supervised, pristine natural settings.


Group online integration sessions to assist in carrying the ReWild Medicine Session insights and inspirations into your life.


Experience Transformation at ReWild Medicine

We are compassionate clinical experts who wish to provide more options to people seeking healing. Our experience includes extensive knowledge in mental health, addiction medicine, the neurosciences, and psychedelic-assisted therapies. With the depth and breadth of experience at ReWild Medicine, we believe that this novel offering of psychedelic-assisted ecotherapy can provide a pathway to mental and spiritual health and fortitude.

In Gratitude,
Keith, Karina, and Dan
Founders, ReWild Medicine

Now Treating

We are now enrolling cohorts for:

  • Major Depression
  • Alcohol Use Disorder
  • Couples Therapy