Rewild Medicine: A Journey of Transformation

At ReWild Medicine we have developed a unique program of psychedelic-assisted ecotherapy to assist patients in “rewilding their mind” to reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety, trauma, and problem alcohol use and reconnect with the inherent natural processes that can rebalance, heal, and sustain them. We have designed novel treatment and safety protocols to allow medically monitored ketamine-assisted psychotherapy in outdoor and nature-based settings. The ReWild Medicine treatment program aims to help patients to let go of what is holding them back so they can step into their most inspiring life.

Release. Renew. Rewild.


Keith, Karina, and Dan

It is an honor to be your therapeutic team as you embark on a transformational journey at Rewild Medicine. We are compassionate clinical experts wishing to provide more options beyond those available in conventional medicine today. Our reverence of established indigenous ritual and ceremony, and our extensive experience in mental health, addiction medicine, counseling therapy, and psychedelic-assisted therapies combine meld together to provide a holistic and grounded healing experience.


Ketamine-Assisted EcoTherapy

Now enrolling cohorts for:

  • Major depression
  • Alcohol use disorder
  • Couples therapy

Eligible patients can enroll in an 8-week hybrid outpatient / therapeutic nature retreat-based ketamine-assisted psychotherapy treatment program including our specially designed ReWild Medicine retreat-based ketamine treatment sessions.


ReWild Medicine | Malibu

Experience discrete treatment surrounded by the exquisite natural setting of our Malibu retreat center. ReWild Medicine Malibu cohorts have exclusive and private access to a 99-acre nature retreat in the Santa Monica Mountains. Food, lodging, and accommodations are included in the ReWild Medicine treatment program package.


Expanding Beyond Our Limitations


Individuals who meet our admissions criteria may contact us for more information.